Our Story

The pandemic gave Martin Anderson and Curtis Bell the opportunity to come  together to start From the Ashes BBQ in June 2020, serving nose to tail BBQ out  of their Hatch in Hackney Wick.

After meeting in Temper Soho in 2019, Curtis and Martin worked together to share their combined passion for BBQ and the outstanding produce the UK farm industry  has to offer. 

From the Ashes was originally set up as a delivery concept but diverted to a  collection only as it picked up popularity in east London and proved to be the  perfect outdoor spot for those long lockdown weekends. 

The menu was developed to be that hearty meal, based around smoke, fat, fire  and whole animals with a few quirky elements to adapt to their new home on  Fish Island. 

Since opening FTA, they’ve moved from strength to strength, holding kitchen residencies,  festivals and events all over London, demonstrating a range of cooking styles all  surrounding fire, with this continuing into 2023. 

The Hatch in Hackney Wick shut for the last time in October of 2022, with FTA now making moves on the pop up scene. Keep an eye on the social for updates on locations!